Our History

The Study was established on 5th January 1972 with the moral support of a very highly regarded institution in Montreal, Canada, of the same name which was incorporated in 1922. Several well-wishers of India, with deep social conscience actively participated in bringing The Study to India. Mrs. Hemant Pasrich taught at The Study in Montreal at both junior and middle school levels. Many parents in Montreal were initially surprised and then delighted that their children were learning English, Drama and Elocution from an Indian. She found it an extremely rewarding experience and decided that she would make a start towards The Study in India. Subsequently, Mr. and Mrs. G. Drummond Birks of Montreal, Canada helped to make the idea into a reality. The association with The Study, Montreal has grown stronger over the years.

Our Vision

The vision of The Study Pre-School is to provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere that enhances self-concept, instills moral values, encourages social interaction, and enriches awareness of the natural and cultural world. The activities are designed to provide the children with a strong and resilient foundation. We strive to provide a rich experience of activities within The Study and in relation to the community as a whole.

Our Froebellian method of teaching allows children to consistently exceed the usual educational standards, and to simultaneously develop a joy in learning that will serve them for a lifetime.

Our Curriculum

The Study Pre-School’s play-based, child-centered approach to early childhood education is far more than just “play”. It is a series of expertly guided investigations that grow from the children’s own interests, that immerse them in the process and joys of real discovery.

Our curriculum is a dynamic, interactive experience that builds on the interests of young children and influences them in developmentally appropriate ways. It addresses the physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, language & communication, and self-help skills of children. Anything and everything that happens during the day, planned or unplanned, is a part of our curriculum. Our plan is to motivate learning and be responsive to our children. 

School Song

By Shauna Singh Pasrich

In Canada where maples sway
In red gold splendid ease
Sprang up an idea, that fostered all
That took place cross the seas.

Fly, blue standard fly
Deeds not words our motto be
‘The Study’ shall trust in God always
And truth our greatness be.
A pool full of good wishes
A trampoline for laughs
Five children on the first day
And two members on the staff.
Fly, blue standard fly
‘Deeds Not Words’ our motto be
‘The Study’ shall trust in God always
And truth our greatness be.